INGENSproject Team

Ingēns m, f, n (genitive ingentis); huge, vast, enormous, immoderate, exorbitant, extraordinary, unnatural, mighty, powerful.

As people who indulge in extreme sports and all sorts of stuff, we wanted to create a place where we can share our adventures with the world. And that is how this page came to life. We’re a group of fellow dudes who enjoy spending time doing things that many wouldn’t even try. Sometimes people find us a bit stupid for the stunts we pull, but the adrenalin is way worth it. We each started on our own, doing what we love. As we got more into it, we met a lot of interesting people and started connecting with others who enjoy some extreme action. Along the way we acquired some support from our sponsors, which we appreciate so much. As our afternoons begun to fill more and more with fooling around doing all sorts of stuff, we came to the conclusion that we need to share this with the world, What is better than an awesome blog with lots of pictures/videos? And again, what better way to help our great supporting sponsors.  Two birds with one stone.On this page you can expect pretty much anything. Blog posts about our daily sports activities, expeditions, posts on upcoming extreme sports events, us doing weird stuff and mostly us having a great time. Expect pictures, videos, reviews of great places to paddle, awesome downhill tracks to try out and ski slopes that are worth riding.


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Bojan Rusjan
Tilen Hvala
Klemen Valentinčič
Miha Brišar
Nejc Fon
Saša Kovačič
Tony Demarco
Steven Vuylseke