National championship in extreme kayak slalom, Tacen 28.4.2019

Yes, you read right, this year we are also organising a 4-cross race in the capitals whitewater jewel, the Tacen slalom coarse. And this is not just a news either, even though it is the national championship everyone is welcomed to join. Here is how it looked in previous versions, and what you can look […]

Expedition to Georgia

This expedition was not meant to be only for kayaking hard whitewater but to enjoy the country as a adventure. Also the blog will be written this way. Anyone can go to such a expedition. In Georgia you can fing clas 6 and clas 1/2 rivers. Our group mainly did rivers between class 2 and […]

Val Sesia kayaking

This time we decided to go to Italy. I have just finished a Masters degree in Robotics in Switzerland so this was the perfect celebration for it. Spending time in the boat with my buddies. All and only smiles =)))) Myself and some Swiss friends met one of my Slovenian friends in Sesia to paddle […]


It has been a while since my last episode of traveling around Switzerland. Here is episode 8. My last post was about Ticino and so is this. Why Ticino again? Check out the movie and no explanation is needed =) . In this trip we did the Melezza, Rovana, Ribo and the Verzasca. Melezza was exiting and the […]


This saturday wasn’t verry prommising saturday. It was one of those you wanna sleep all day long. But the morning call to Kitzbuhel or canyoning, depending what you call it, wouldn’t let you sleep long. It was the same that day. Thanks good for human primary needs, we woke up anyway and geather in Kamp […]