Team: Bojan Rusjan



QUALIFICATIONS: Kayak Instructor, Rafting and Canyoning Guide, Backcountry Snowboarder, Photographer

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Introducing many people to whitewater kayaking, and help those who can already paddle to do it even better.

BIOGRAPHY: For me every day spent on wild water or on fresh powder is priceless. Since I was born I have passion for sports. My sport “career” starts with soccer, the most popular sport in my neighborhood. After few years I realized that this is not enough exciting for me. With friends we start digging our own ramps and jumps for bmx. In winter time snowboarding became my main sport. When i was 17 i started to compete in downhill MTB. I got my first river experiences in kayak around the age of 19 as a training alternative. I was instantly hooked, but it was another three years before I start to paddling seriously. At that time i had no idea that the river would become my life’s passion. After few years i ended up with competitions in mtb and start kayaking as much as possible, i got addicted.





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