Lost in paradise down under

With this words I can describe the days from 11th November till today. My friend Tilen and I came to Australia to spend some quality time on our mountain bikes. It’s hard to tell you everything that has happened, but you can believe me, I’m living my dream right now. Our first plan was to be […]

ACTION CAM – Garmin Virb elite

Description / Opis: Action cam garmin virb elite is on sale info: https://buy.garmin.com/sl-SI/SI/navtika/kamere/virb-elite/prod119594.html -Used for 3 months -Perfect condition Prodaja se Garmin Virb elite kamera info na: https://buy.garmin.com/sl-SI/SI/navtika/kamere/virb-elite/prod119594.html -rabljena 3 mesece -odlično ohranjena Price / Cena: 190€ CONTACT / KONTAKT Name / Ime: Miha e-mail: miha.brisar@gmail.com Phone / Telefon: 051-648-253 Location / Lokacija: Slovenija-Tolmin

KAYAK – Prijon Pure

Description / Opis: I am selling Prijon pure kayak -259cm -67 cm -19,5-21 kg -298 litrs -perfect weight for paddler 60-85 kg -htp plastic -in good condition Prodajam Prijon pure kayak -259cm -67 cm -19,5-21 kg -298 litrs -primerna teža veslača 60-85 kg -htp plastika -v dobrem stanju Price / Cena: 600€ CONTACT / KONTAKT […]

Fontainebleau – Climbing in France

It was an ordinary day when I received a message from a friend with an offer that I couldn’t miss. The day of leaving was closer and closer and excitement was getting bigger and bigger every day. Julija, Jernej and Igor came from Ljubljana and picked me up in Podkoren. Traffic was awful around Stuttgart […]

HELMET – sweet trooper m/l

Description / Opis: I am selling my helmet SWEET trooper m/l. It is super light carbon + visor. In perfect condition. 2 years old. Prodajam čelado SWEET trooper m/l. super lahka čelada iz karbona z vizirjem . ohranjena odlično. Stara je 2 leti. Price / Cena: 140€ (glede cene se da še dogovoriti) CONTACT / […]