Expedition to Georgia

This expedition was not meant to be only for kayaking hard whitewater but to enjoy the country as a adventure. Also the blog will be written this way. Anyone can go to such a expedition. In Georgia you can fing clas 6 and clas 1/2 rivers. Our group mainly did rivers between class 2 and […]

Schöllenen topTObottom

This is a RAW video of Schollenen schlucht on the Reuss. To give you vizualization of the gorge. At our trip we had to hike up because the road to the top is being repaired due to some lanslide, but normally you can drive. It has been a pleasure living in Switzerland and even better […]

Traveling CH Ep 9: Back to Graubunden

Hi all =) This is my second to last episode of Traveling CH. It has been almost 2 years since i moved to ZHand what i can say is: ”Swisscheese is awsome for kayaking” . For all you paddlers that are stuck on one river and do not want to go elsewere i can only […]

Val Sesia kayaking

This time we decided to go to Italy. I have just finished a Masters degree in Robotics in Switzerland so this was the perfect celebration for it. Spending time in the boat with my buddies. All and only smiles =)))) Myself and some Swiss friends met one of my Slovenian friends in Sesia to paddle […]


It has been a while since my last episode of traveling around Switzerland. Here is episode 8. My last post was about Ticino and so is this. Why Ticino again? Check out the movie and no explanation is needed =) . In this trip we did the Melezza, Rovana, Ribo and the Verzasca. Melezza was exiting and the […]

Rovana a real Swiss ”gem”!

Last weekend 2 friends came to visit me in Switzerland. I decided we shall go to the sunny Ticino kanton of Switzerland. Showing my friends a real ”gem” of kayaking the Verzasca pumped us up. The next day we threw another classic the 16 m Ribo fall. But nothing can compare to the amazing Rovana. […]