RBR trophy lauf 3 CROSS COUNTRY race

On Saturday, 8. 8. 2015, Spielberg took place of the third cross country race for the Red bull ring trophy. Spielberg is mostly known for formula 1 and track days, but among the enduro riders it is also very well known for its very well prepared enduro, cross country, mx and trial tracks which are located just next to the formula 1 circuit.

slika1Spielberg formula 1 circuit

Red bull ring trophy is meant for the amateur riders. Profi riders may participate but are excluded from the scoring. Race day consists of two hour training and one hour race. All participants from the same category starts from the same line with engines turned off.

This race also saw three weekend warriors from Slovenia: Aleks Mlekuž (KTM 450 exc) – regular participant, Vasja Kutin (Beta 300 RR) – came back to racing after 2 years and Gregor Tušar (KTM 350 exc) – first time ever on offroad competition.

slika2 Weekend warriors

Riders were divided into categories of 2-takt and 4-takt engines. Aleks and Gregor were placed in category 4-takt among 20 riders. I (Vasja) was placed in category 2-takt among 36 riders. All categories started at the same time due to low participation.

Aleks raced fast and constant, lowering his lap times while race was progressing. He was the only one who made 9 laps and set best lap time of 7:31.0. Only mistake he did was during the sightseeing lap, when he almost ended his race due to bent radiator. Luckily there wasn’t any leak so he was able to proceed. Usually Aleks would be placed into category profi, but due to lack of participants he also got a trophy.

slika3 Aleks shows textbook body language

slika4 4-takt prize giving ceremony

For me this was the first race after recovery from an old skiing injury. I went to race without any preparation on the motorbike because I just came back from three months traineeship in Germany. I had a bad start which resulted in taking off the start line from second to last position. In lap 5 I then managed to grab the first position. This was something I found out after the race. In the moment of the race, I was still pushing to catch up riders which I thought they were in front. In the exit of one corner I hit the tree with my handlebar and got quite a big punch to my fingers. Luckily pain fade after one lap so I was able to proceed more or less intact. In the last three laps I had two more small crashes which pushed me back to forth position. Considering all the circumstances I am pleased with how the race went – actually I was very surprised when I found out that I was leading the race for one lap. Of course I feel a bit bad about the silly mistakes I did. I take this mistakes as a new experience and try not to repeat them in the future.

slika5Vasja in the finish line

slika6 Consequence from contact with the tree

slika7 2-takt prize giving ceremony

For Gregor, this was his first race. He drove constant and without any crashes. Unfortunately, due to lack of experiences he lost around 4-5 places in the last lap. One of the spectators said to him that the race is over so he took easy cruising and even took a piss before he got to the finish line. The moment he saw the checkered flag he realized about the mistake he did. In the end he finished 12. One thing is for sure, we will definitely see him racing again.

slika8 Gregor pushing his 350

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Text: Vasja Kutin

Foto: Vasja Kutin in Enduro Club Aichfeld