Traveling CH Ep 9: Back to Graubunden

Hi all =)

This is my second to last episode of Traveling CH. It has been almost 2 years since i moved to ZHand what i can say is: ”Swisscheese is awsome for kayaking” . For all you paddlers that are stuck on one river and do not want to go elsewere i can only say this: If Switzerland its within 7 hours drive, GO!

Last weekend i met Gaetan (France) which is super cool and also a good paddler. First day we did Valserrhein which is a class 4 with 3 portages. Later that day we went to Glenner (Last year i said i do not want to return to Glenner due to a masive take out on the Lumbrein schlucht). But yes we ended up paddling Glenner (Vrin – Surin (above Lumbrein)) and when Gaetan wanted to continue i had no motivation on going into that nasty portage again so due to me CHICKENING out we stoped in Surin =) . At lest we had a proper evening since it was almost 18:00 at that point =P

Next day we did Medelserrhein at high flows, it was really good, so good we did Cristalina, middle Medelser and all the way down to the power plant.

We still had some time left so what we did is called TORO (KEES friend which we met at Valserrhein). He said to scout Lukmanier schlucht (all rapids scoutable from road). ONE DAY I COME BACK TO RUN THAT GORGE, its incredible, really !!!

Here is a short video of our weekend:


Here is a video of Toro and Kees running that shit long time ago! I admire them!