Val Sesia kayaking

This time we decided to go to Italy. I have just finished a Masters degree in Robotics in Switzerland so this was the perfect celebration for it. Spending time in the boat with my buddies. All and only smiles =))))
Myself and some Swiss friends met one of my Slovenian friends in Sesia to paddle the most classic streches in the valley. The water was high. On the Sesia gauge we had from 90 to 109 cm. Due to this the water levels were best for Egua, Sermenza, Gronda, Mastalone, Sorba slides. We also did the whole Sesia but without Molia and Piode and some other high water crazy rapids =). For this we come next time when the levels drop. The Best river from this trip was the Gronda and Sorba and the Middle Sermenza. Gronda and Sorba are fun and stress free, whereas middle Sermenza could be called the Siphon city.

Stay safe and enjoy =)))))