Ingens Journey

Ingens journey


We were a group of modest young kids, trying to get us much fun from our lives as we could. Struggling to become as beautiful as David Beckham and as strong as Hulk Hogan we were enjoying our yugoslavian childhood. Yugoslavia made us strong, able to survive hard winters and farking hot summers. Lucky enough to be just far enough from Chernobyl we were walking on two legs and climbing with two arms, just our brain were most probably affected by sexy serum.

Something must of been so dem cruel here, that even the first world champion in kayak ever Toni Pijon, moved his kayak company 500 km away to Rosenheim Germany.

Six years i have been living in black and white world, knowing one kind of yogurt and two kinds of chocolate. Thanks good my grandfather left my grandmother a pension after he died, so i was able to visit Gordol chocolate factory in Gorica Italy. A little bit older you would know what i am talking about.

Driving in Zastava Yugo it was success for me if i didn’t threw up after 5 kilometers of driving. I am still not sure, why my stomach was so bad whereas because of yogurt or because of yugo. We were four kids, so my parents bought much bigger car. It was Zastava 128, which is square version of infamous Zastava 101. We had enough space in the car, just if we put little sister in the boot space.

Fotografija s snemanja napovednika za Top Gir Jugoslavija na poligonu varne vožnje na Vranskem

But our great leader Tito didn’t just let us stay in eastern block. Yugoslavia was different than North Korea is represented to us. He let us taste the majestic western sin. With lots of leaders like Gadafi, Nasser etc. Tito formed non-alignment movement which made us able to stand with one leg in mother Yugoslavia and with other in the promised land. The land of colours and many kinds of chocolate, furck yogurt.

That’s why western world let us pore slaves visit Gordol and REŠTEL. For the ones who don’t know Reštel i would say it is long gone. Only a great memory is alive deep in our hearts. Thousands of people were besieged that little street searching for Gedore tools and Energy jeans.

It was on saturday mornings on colour tv this precious. This was the precious we wanted to live for. Almost the same addiction or whatever as this Hobit or Harry Poter thing had in that Peter Jacksons movie about this stupid rings. This things were so unreal and hard to be done in our black and white world that they persuaded us to start the Ingens journey. This is glorious HI-FIVE: this is the only clip i could of find in web 3.0. Disaster. It was so much better than watching princess diana accident in that french smelly tunnel, or visit of the pope john paul 2 in Postojna Slovenija. That became our bible. My mother was very angry on me because instead going to mas i watched Hi – Five.

That was a start of formation of our ingens Journey.

To be continued…