Street kayaking, winter edition

Sooo, snow finally came to town and we just had to make the best of it and since daytime was reserved for skiing, we had to improvise, and this is what we came up with.

Now this might not be the smartest thing to do, since you are not alone on the street, but you would be surprised how stable and controlable a kayak is on the snow, and when you add the banks made by a snow plough, that’s when the fun really starts 😀


Sneg je končno pobelil tud naše kraje, in ker to ni ravno vsak dan smo si malo popestrili večer :D.

To mogoče ni najboljša ideja, ker niste sami na cesti, ampak presenetilo bi vas kako stabilen in vodljiv je lahko kajak na snegu in ko plugi naredijo bankino pri strani se zabava resnično začne.




Positive sport

Ophion paddles

Artistic sportswear

Garmin Slovenia




For any of you wanting to try this out for yourself, this is not a good idea, you can get someone hurt pretty badly, so I advise caution and full protective gear!!