Lost in paradise down under

With this words I can describe the days from 11th November till today. My friend Tilen and I came to Australia to spend some quality time on our mountain bikes. It’s hard to tell you everything that has happened, but you can believe me, I’m living my dream right now. Our first plan was to be here till 1st December and than we planned to go to New Zealand, and stay there till the end of January. But shit happened, Tilen broke his wrist really bad. The decision will not be easy, to go home or to continue like we’ve planned.

However, if we will go home, we’ll have a good reason to go to New Zealand in the next years.

Trails here are incredible, temperatures over 25 degrees every day and kangaroos all around! Also some snakes and spiders but.. this is Australia 🙂 A picture tells more than a thousand words – so here you have some, enjoy.





For now is this is it, I will write a full-on report when I return back home.

Just stop dreaming!