Let me tell you a story about a boat, but not just a story about any floating thing, noo. Let me tell you a story about a kayak as fast as a jet ski, as manoeuvrable as a play boat and as stable as a barge. Yes, I will be writing about the pyranha’s new 9r kayak, the fastest creeker/race boat on the market.



I got this lovely beast about a month ago, shortly after the Paddleexpo in Nürnberg, been enjoining it ever since, but more about that in the video below, first, the properties:
Lenght :  271cm

With 271cm it is not exactly the shortest boat, but thanks to it’s high bow, it doesn’t efect the handling that much, at low speeds at least.


Width:  64 cm,

Now when I saw the specks, I thought ok, stability might be an issue here, but somehow even with the asymmetrical swede hull and all, the 9r will keep you dry-ish.

Volume: 274 l

So, not that much volume, and being in only one size isn’t helping, but while testing we had heavy and light people in it, and although losing on speed, it still made for a smooth ride.

Weight: 19.7 kg

OK, so this worried me, pyranha kayaks aren’t well known for their durability (never had a problem, haters gonna hate :D) and being a couple kg lighter than the shorter Shiva, had me treading carefully…until the first time I landed on a sharp rock. Thought that the idiot made a hole in the first week, but to my disappointment all the rock did was a small insignificant scratch.


“The idiot made a hole in the first week” no, just a scratch

Foto: Bojan Rusjan

Ok, enough about that, best features:

Swede form hull:

As previously mentioned this boat has a Swede form than makes it faster, and more stable when going over drops and such straight, but don’t count on that when landing sideways,   just saying :D..

High bow:

Together with deflectors,will keep you from doing front flips, but that’s why back flips are for, at least you will be grateful when you will mess up your timing and nosedive down a drop.

Wave Deflector:

That  is pyranhas new discovery, an edge on the sides of the bow, deflects water downwards helping the already high bow from diving in to the wave. Works great, just you might want to get used to it first, with the wrong lean it will effect the direction and so before doing class V+ I recommend some practice


Foto: Nejc Fon

Rounded edge and flat bow:

Now despite the edges and the deflectors this kayak is quite forgiving, I mean, your gonna get effected by currents, and you might want to think about learning how to ride your 9r with leans, especially when you’re going fast, (and you will with the flat bow, all that length and short width) but when if you’re just cruising down the river you probably won’t have any problems.


Foto: Nejc Fon

All and all this is the best boat I have ever ridden, it’s fast, it’s manoeuvrable, forgivin.. basically everything you want in a kayak. If you are looking for a new one I strongly suggest you try this one, I don’t think you will be sorry.
Thinking about it? For testing contact me via facebook or mail, and if you are already convinced POSITIVE SPORT is where you will get it!
Now keep shredding, and stay safe!
And a video filmed with a garmin VIRB cam, enjoy!! 😀