Fontainebleau – Climbing in France


It was an ordinary day when I received a message from a friend with an offer that I couldn’t miss. The day of leaving was closer and closer and excitement was getting bigger and bigger every day.

Julija, Jernej and Igor came from Ljubljana and picked me up in Podkoren. Traffic was awful around Stuttgart but soon after we were all settled in our apartments. The next day we woke up early and excited. We had a quick breakfast with the owner of the house. During the breakfast we were unable to stay put, thinking only about one thing, climbing on endless boulders of Fontainebleau.

It was the first time for me and Igor, being in Font. It is crazy how many different boulders there are and how many different shapes can be found, from rounded edges and slopers to big holes and small crimps. As days went by we spent all our days climbing. Usually we started climbing on easier slabs, during the day we tried our best on all that crazy sandstone formations and in the evening we were struggling in technical slabs. Overall a successful trip with a lot of climbing mileage . I was more thank satisfied.


In the middle of our trip Jernejs girlfriend Eva joined us. We visited some of the famous sights of Paris including the iconic Tour Eiffel. Unfortunately we missed some chocolate event that was going on that day in the city (desperate mode: ON), but we weren’t sad for a long time because we had climbing shoes soon on our feet again.

By: Tjaša Rutar