Our short trip to Paddleexpo in Nürnberg

In August we decided to do something for the promotion of IngensProject. So Miha, Bojan and me agreed on going to Nürnberg, Germany to visit one of the biggest kayak expos in our vicinity. And of course, to make the trip more enjoyable, we also went kayaking to Austria.

On Friday evening we put our three boats on the roof of Miha’s small Peugeot 307 and started our trip. We wanted to get as close to Nürnberg as possible, therefore, we decided to paddle on the Saalach river which has a constant flow. Moreover, our friend Franz Puckl (Kanuschule Kitzalp) lives nearby so we could visit him and crash at his place for the night. The next day we woke up and checked the river’s water level which was at medium height. We made 3 runs on Saalach’s Teufelsschlucht section and because we only had one car we were always hitchhiking to the start. The average waiting time was 29,4s so hats off to the Austrian hospitality! Anyway, we had a lot of fun and Bojan made some amazing photos which you can check below.

The following day we headed off to Nürnberg. The expo lasted from Sunday to Tuesday but unfortunately we just had one day to see it, because Miha had to work on Monday. Despite only having one day, we made a lot of acquaintances, saw a lot of new products on the market, and overall had a nice time.

For the way back Blaž from Positive Sport, and a brand new Pyranha 9R boat joined us… So imagine 4 guys, 4 boats on the roof and a looot of kayaking equipment in a Peugeot 307… I had cozier rides before, but as bad as it sounds, we made it home with no problems at all.

Auf wiedersehen und viel Spaß. 🙂

Nice water, nice rapids  Relly nice boofs on the river  Different angle  Another boof.... =)  Fuuuuu

Kayak expo  Ophion paddles stand