Devils extreme race (Lipno, CZ) : A weekend of joy (VIDEO)

If there is a place in Czech Republic, that every paddler should know about, this would be it!!

Although the water can’t really be called drinkable or odorless (your eyes might burn a little form the start, give them time… and eye drops) and the  granite  rooks do have a taste for skin and flesh, the brownish river kinda grows on you, usually by the time you get past the first rapids.


˝This is not the first rapid, it is called the devils stairs, really nice one, but you might require some experience on at least level IV water.˝

But don’t go packing just jet, because the stream fills with water only a couple times a year, when the hydroelectric dam needs to release the pressure. That normally happens in the last weekend of August, and then every Czech with a rubber duck comes to this magical-ish place. And why wouldn’t they, this place is awesome.  You have got everything here, a flooded stream with all degrees of difficulty, competitions in pretty much everything that floats, great parties, great but still cheep beer, really good food and I think there is even a whorehouse somewhere close.

If you are a kayaker, and you are comfortable on level IV I recommend trying your skills on the Devils extreme race, compete against some of the best kayakers around in a timed race and in the kayak cross race, if not as a competitor, than as a spectator, good fun either way or you can always gather a team of three and race across the whole course, if nothing else you can always win on the party in the evening. If you want to know more go to

For less competitive kind of paddlers there is  a train every 2 hours, so you can repeat your runs from 8 to 18 when the dam closes. DCIM101GOPRO


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