Solid but not the best days (+video)

Here it is, last race report this season. I am not writing it with a really happy face, because until I reach the podium, it’s not gonna be good enough.

Let’s start with the last World Cup race, which was in Meribel, France. I made the qualification run pretty good, with no big mistakes, only 2 small. I came through the finish line on the 17th position. That’s not bad for a World Cup race!
In 1/8 finals I was on the start with 1st, 16th and 32th rider from qualis. Everyone expected, I will fight for 1/4 finals with the rider, who finished the quails 16th  and that also happened. Just before the final straight I was still in 2nd place, when the 3rd rider passed me by and that meant, I am out. I simply didn’t have enough power in my legs for the last 100 meters.

Here you can watch video of my race day, made by Blaž Oman: 


Good race with great, new experiences.  But everything is not as perfect as it seems to be. While women’s qualification run, an only 20 years old rider from Netherland, Annefleur Kalvenhaar, had a really bad crash. After the race, we were informed, that she died in the hospital. I feel so bad, because it happened. I know, we are giving ¨all in¨ in this 2 minutes, but I never expected, you can crash so bad in this discipline. Annefleur, rest in peace.

Next, last and most important race was in Haffjel, the World championship. Really nice course, natural, with some technical parts.
This season, the competition is really strong. With one mistake only you can lose quite a few places, and with a good run, you can make good progress on the ranking list.

My quali run was solid, with some mistakes and some really good moments on course. The run was enough for 31st place and 1/8 finals. But with 31st time you can expect a really strong group.

Kevin on his qualifications run; photo by G. Stopar

Yes, the group was not easy. My start was catastrophic but before first band I caught up with the 3rd and 4th rider. Unfortunately, I got in touch with the 2nd rider from quails and we lost lots of time. Till the finish line, we were not able to catch the 1st and 2nd rider, so the race was completed for us.

Today, I just came home after 10days. Time to rest and think about next season. Eliminator is not going to be in the World Cup anymore because of the UCI financial problems, but there will  still be the World and European champs. It’s a really hard decision, but I have some great ideas for next season and the team is supporting me.

I would just like to say thanks to my team Unior Tools for greatest support all season long, also to all the people, who support me and new support from Garmin slovenija  THANK YOU!!

Photo credit: Grega Stopar