Pyranha Shiva review

It was on Paddle expo (Kanu messe) 3 years ago, when I first saw this creature. I almost lost my consciousness, maybe because I already had some good german wise beer in running in my veins. It was the strangest river boat I have ever seen. Super narrow, extra long and amazingly ugly, especially the stern. “Wise” man was very very disappointed. It definitely didn’t look promising to me. I was a Burn paddler and I was hardly expecting a machine which will help me to build my confidence on the river, Burn was always taking me to trouble. But at that time I felt like Americans when they were watching Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin.

Shiva racing

Later Blaž Lužnik from Positive sport and Miha Brišar from Ingens Project helped to heal my sadness with lots of good german wise beer. I truly needed it.


I gave Shiva a second chance soon after our first little interaction. It turned out to be a perfect combination. Shiva had everything that “Wise” man wanted, a rounded hull which allows a lot of mistakes, soft stern chines for forgiveness, a high bow rocker for jumping over rocks and loads of volume in the bow and stern for stability also with high water. And additionally with an amazing colour availability Shiva doesn’t look so ugly anymore. This is definitely one of the most important things now in modern metro sexual kayaking world. It is definitely a big, nice, forgiving creeker.

Shiva on Katarakt

Sitting in the boat doesn’t feel as if  you are sitting in a big boat because of the skinny and narrow bow. But turning the boat first feels like you are Francesco Schettino near Isola del Giglio. I was a bit scared of getting stuck between two rocks on some narrow creeks because it is so long. But after a while you get used to it. And if you are frequently visiting the Maxximum shop and you add some Whey into your breakfast cereals (Čokolino) accommodation time flows faster. Handling this boat is pure joy, holds the line, turns just nice even if there are soft chines, even if you make mistakes like too late boofs it will easily take you through “wholes”. It feels like a Dagger Nomad with a bit of chines.


So far I came across two things which I find quite problematic. First is this famous connect 4 outfitting with 3 billion plastic parts. On this occasion I will say well done Pyranha engineers. I don’t know how it is possible, that after so many years of gaining the experiences they made the outfitting worse. It is true that Pyranha improved the seat in the latest version of Shiva, but all the screws are plastic. You have to tighten them after every use otherwise it feels like you are paddling a rubber boat, everything moves. But it is also true, that MAcGyver types of men can easily solve this problem. And the second thing which bothers me is weight. But also this has a bright side, there is a lot of people paying to go to the gym to have broad shoulders. True kayakers don’t complain about that kind of stuff. It was probably the kayakers decision to become a kayaker so face it and suffer.

Shiva on Soča river
For the conclusion, I am super happy to have given Shiva a second chance. Now we are inseparatable. Even if I don’t need her I constantly have her on my car. For me it’s definitely the best boat out there. Gives me almost everything i want and everything i want from the boat.


Shiva after rocky Upper Idrijca