Two days you shouldn’t miss: Kayak slalom & a happy ending

On the morning of the 22. of august, the first and due to the weather the only day of the Adrenalin Sound Bovec festival, started in an admissions office in kamp Toni in the vicinity of Bovec.  At 9 admissions opened and 15 minutes later the place was already crawling with competitors, ready to take on the Koritnica river, on a short course with three upstream gates and a small starting ramp.



By eleven a clock there were 45 competitors from five different categories eager to test their plastic in a race against time. The race was on, and a crowd cheered as seconds past. After a couple of missed gates, a couple laughs, some sweat and probably some tears the results were in, and the tombola with a main award (prijon pure kayak) was about to be given away. Yeah none of us got it but thumbs up for prijon sport centre for giving it away. Then some relaxation on the beach and before you knew it it was time for the concerts, and a alcohol fouled ending to the perfect day.




Here is a gallery of the kayak race, if you’re in it and you want you’re friends to see, feel free to tell us on facebook and we will post it there for you to tag it.

Also if you are interested in the races results you can see them here:Koritnica2014

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