Best World Cup result and first start at European Championship

After the long winter and lot of trainings, the time has come for first race in my discipline, cross country eliminator. I prepared my body for this two minutes as well as I was able to do it. Everything was subordinated to trainings… school also. And it was not a secret, I wanted to make it to the finals, best 32 riders in qualifications.


Close to third place rider; photo by Grega Stopar1405-wcalb-02921405-wcalb-0284For me, first World Cup race was in Albstadt, Germany. On race day, I felt really competitive to other riders. Course was dynamic with parts of grass, macadam, roots, jumps, and long asphalt finish sprint. I started my run pretty slow, but in middle part push on pedals and when I crossed finish line, it was enough for 29th place! At the end, I finished on 30th place. Then, I started in 6th group, which was one of the strongest in 1/8 finals. All 4 riders came in small group to 200 meters before finish line, where everybody started sprint, except me. I started it just some tenths of seconds later and it was enough to missed lee of the competitors in front of me. Finished 4th in my group, but not so far from 1/4 finals.

1405-wcalb-0298St. Wendel eliminator team-

After 7 days it was time for next race, European Championship in Sankt Wendel, again in Germany.
This race I will remember just because it was my first European Championship, nothing more. In qualifications I made one bigger mistake, finished on 37th position with 5 seconds behind winner on 2 minutes long track. I was disappointed, because this course was one of my favorite.

Now I am training mostly on enduro bike, Trek Slash 9. Doing a lot of interval trainings and also trying to make some progress on riding technique.

On July 4th you are all welcome to Kobarid, Soča Outdoor Festival and eliminator race in the middle of our town!