A short paddling time in South Tyrol


Between travelling and paddling everything is about reaching some place. Sometimes it is where we already have been but most of the time it is a new place.


The  greatest thing about it is that we meet great people and along the way we learn a lot with them.

friend´s time

For me there is just one thing about travelling that annoys me so much!!! When I get to know people I make good friends and we have a wonderful time together; but it always hurts when I leave that place because I am also leaving good friends behind.

Bovec view

I know that I want to see them again, but I never know when and where is it going to happen.

mangart mountain

When I get the opportunity to meet friends again, it is always a pleasure to spend the time having fun together.  That´s how the meeting in South Tyrol, Italy was when I reunited with two of my old friends.

Aurino river

A couple of weeks ago I arranged a short paddling time with my friends Sebestyen Toth (Hungarian) and Serkan Konya (Turkish). After a nice rafting session with clients on the river we fixed our kayaks on the top of the car and left the Soca valley to meet our friends.

Campo Tures 06

Lepena sLOVEnia

The idea was to join Fabian Alejandro Bonanno (Argentine) and Attila Biro (Hungarian) and of course paddle a few rivers. Hermann, a known active outdoor sports guide, welcomed us with a good vibe inviting us for a drink just after we arrived and also allowed us to camp in his land.

camping by the river side

Our hermano Pablo Rial (Argentine), a kayaker and rafting guide who has been in that area for a long time, was ready to show us the surrounding beauty.

making new friends


The small and beautiful city of Campo Tures in South Tyrol Italy is a perfect place to have a short paddling time.

Campo Tures


Campo Tures 04

The Aurino is a level IV rocky river that looks like a corridor with long curves and many holes making the castle section a fun stretch.

Aurino river 04

Aurino river Sebi

Aurino river Serkan

Aurino river Tony

My favorite paddling time on this trip was in the Riva river waterfalls section. There is easy access to the put-in, just five minutes from the parking area. The stretch is really short, allowing you to run it as many times as you want.

Riva river

Riva river 01

Riva river 03

Riva river Tony

Riva river kayaking

Riva river 06

Riva river 08


Riva river 09

In 2012 when I first heard from Fabian about the Riva river I always had the wish to paddle those perfect drops but it was just a couple of weeks ago that my wish came true.

by the river 2

Getting together with friends and being in amazing places with interesting people are the reasons that I love  this travelling lifestyle.


Freedom is the key of happiness so let´s keep flying toward somewhere where we may find what we are looking for.


All my thanks to my friends, those who make a part of my life, especially to someone who passed away but will always stay in my heart.