Untertalbach 14

Untertalbach is one of my favourite rivers. Its small, rapids folow one after another and apart from trees and some narrow passages there is not so much dangers (siphons). Also the road is just beside the river. I have kayaked the river 3 times up to now. First time I was a bit scared since I was not used to Austrian rivers and slides. Second time and on this trip I was really relaxed and felt comfortable paddling the rapids. There are about 5 more noticable rapids. You have 3 slides all can be seen on the pictures. The waterfall and 2 rapids in a tight gorge.  All can be scouted and portaged! The run lasts up to 1 hour if you go for the first time. Otherwise, you can do it in 20 minutes.

On this trip the water was low. The rapids were still fun but on the flat parts you quickly got annoyed by the rocks. In my opinion if the water is about 30 cm higher  (First 2 trips to Untertalbach) as in the pictures the run is much better.

If you haven’t been there: GO!