Lost in VALSESIA part I (video)

Springtime is the time to paddle. The snow starts melting and the rivers start to grow. At the end of April this year, we decided to take a trip to Valsesia – Italy, a region well known to kayakers all around the world. And so the trip begun. With our cars, loaded with all our gear, we had a long drive ahead of us.


The first destination was close to the lake Maggiore where we decided to try out a few rivers. That morning some fresh snow surprised us and the rivers weren’t running as they should. We headed out to the river San Bernardino, sadly it was extremely low but still runable.


Soon we got some good news that the rivers in Valsesia were more than ready to paddle. We left lake Maggiore behind in the hopes of finding water. Our finishing point was a rafting center/camp where we had easy access to all the rivers. The second day we were ready and anxious to get out on the water, so we scouted the river Sermenza. The water was OK, but it could be higher.


When we finished we were satisfied with our day so we drank some beers and discussed about the upcoming days. Day three was the day to paddle the Mastalone river and on the day four we paddled the Sesia river. Sadly we were not too lucky with the water level, because it was still cold enough for the snow not to melt + the rain was fairly mild. Down here you can check out a short clip from our first few days paddling. More is still to come.. Until next time 🙂