Last Saturday was the first official Soča outdoor festival event. Athletes gathered from all over the world to compete in a race like no other. Saturday, 31st of May, was the day for kayak cross, a competition between all kayak enthusiasts taking place on the emerald river. After weeks of shitty/changing/undecided weather came a good day. People started gathering at Kamp Koren through the day and as a result we had a great turn out. We had planned two races. We started out with a time-race, where each contestant had to jump the ramp and do the course. The second race was the race to enter. This was a group race in rounds. Each round the weakest link was eliminated. In the end it came down to three kayakers, who went down the ramp one last time to fight for the first three places. After all was finished we had a little ceremony for the winners of separate rounds. Our great sponsors offered some awesome prizes. We would especially like to thank Ophion paddles for the main prize. Also big thanks to Pyranha team who came all the way from the UK to support us and this event. Last but definitely not least, special thanks goes out to Sandiline for all the gear which was given to the competitors.

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Foto By: Nejc Fon and Bojan Rusjan

↓↓↓ Kayak race results: ↓↓↓

Individual race:

1. David Bain (37,5)

2. Eion Keis (39,6)

3. Andrej Bijuklič (40,6)

4. Saša Kovačič (40,7)

5. Jan Bregar (43,9)

6. Fabian Bonanno (44,8)

7. Miha Brišar (45,52)

8. Tomaž Čubej (46,3)

9. Klemen Valentinčič (47,2)

9. Barny Press (47,2)

10. Tilen Hvala (47,5)

11. Žan Kunčič (48,8)

12. Jana Joeressen (51,9)

13. Gorin Howard (52,46)

14 . Cathal Ferris (52,60)

15.. Tin Hrast (52,8)

16. Emma Farrel (58,4)

17. Sabrina Barm (59,9)

18. Rok Rozman (1:01,4)

19. Connal Duelney (1:02,44)

20. Dan O’sullivan (1:05,8)

21. Iztok Žuber (1:20,1)

22. Andrej Humar (/)

23. Jožef Šmid (/)

24. Martin Jug (/)

25. Rok Bombač (/)

Womens cross:

1. Jana Joeressen
2. Emma Farrel

Mens cross:
1. Andrej Bijuklič
2. Fabian Bonanno
3. Cathal Farris

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