Few thoughts

Our mountains are a true treasury. Once a person experiences a sunset, strom, snow or blizzard it will leave a huge mark on him. Even as simple as a sunday hike in the mountains, it is already enough that the scenery keeps calling you back in its arms.


The funny part is, mountains can provide you with all that for free, as many times as you want, as long as you want. They only expect from us that we respect them. I call mountains treasury because we can get a lot of experiences from them for free.


Snow that is melting in the mountains gathers up in small creeks and eventually ends up filling the streams of the rivers we paddle down the valley. Sometimes  it makes me wonder wether I have already skied the snow in winter, that later melted into water and runs in the rivers and lakes I paddle  in summer.


Moving in the mountains has always been my drive for new adventures. Having skiing as my biggest passion, I was forced to search for good conditions and challenging terrains all the time. Exploring  unkown things, no matter what it is, always gives us the chance to learn something new.


Every sport you take seriously needs your full commitment or even determination. Sometimes you are not able to make the same mistake again because you just don’t get a second chance. Sport has pushed me through numbers of serious injuries and sometimes even close calls, questioning myself whether it is really worth going on. Does it really mean that much to you? On the way you will experience many obstacles that might tell you to stop. Would you?


I found a way to spend time and work in sports that have given me so much joy, experiences and lessons what I can use in my everydays life. Somehow I feel I owe this sports a little bit of something. The best way for myself to contribute is promoting and actually helping others to get better in those sports. For me, there is no better feeling than seeing a fellow skier or kayaker sharing the same snow or water on a great day!

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