Downhill Avče

Downhill Avče is usually one of the first races of the season, one of my best downhill courses and races, where you can hear the crowd from start to the finish.This year I was not there to go over the limits and risk everything. I just tried to enjoy and make a good training for the downhill parts at xc eliminator races.


Here is one photo from our photographer Nejc Fon.

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I made some small mistakes and had one technical problem with the bike in finals, but it doesn’t matter. I had lots of fun on the course in the final run, made one whip for the public and finished the race on 8th place. Many friends came, great atmosphere,… for sure one of the most enjoyable races!


On the training I crashed to one tree at high speed… don’t call Greenpeace 🙂

I am going back to hard working trainings for cross country eliminator. My first world cup will be in Czech Republic on 23th of May. I have a great team, a lot of motivation and a goal to set a time in qualifications for the finals, which means top 32 riders.

Report done by: Kevin Berginc