REVIEW: SANDILINE kayak Extreme 4L drysuit


Having had my Sandiline kayak Extreme 4L DrySuit for several months now, I am very impressed. Now after multiple use it looks like it is brand new, it does not leak and the material is very robust. It remains in very good shape when climbing over big boulders and walking through spiky undergrowth to get to the river.

It really combines all you need for kayaking off season and in extreme weather/water conditions. It keeps you dry and comfortable when kayaking in freezing cold rivers. I paddle throughout the whole year and I really had a problem with cold and all gear being drenched with water. The dry suit has really helped on that area, and now paddling in winter and/or on cold rivers doesn’t represent such a freezing experience anymore.

I personally love it so far, it is bone dry, an excellent fit, looks great and feels great. With the longevity, only time will tell, but so far it sure is looking very promising.


A great feature that Sandiline offers is personal customization of the drysuit:

Review done by: Miha Brišar

Foto: Nejc Fon

Thanks to: SANDILINE