Season on Pitztal Gletscher (video)

Because of moving to Germany for winter I was in doubts what seasonal ski pass to buy and where actually to ski because I was new in region. At the end I was thinking rationally and bought ticket for Allgau area where I was stationed plus including two Austrian glaciers hour and a half away. One of glaciers was Pitztal Glacier and I can say now that my decision was right.

In Austria and Germany winter came early. It was snowing in November a lot and at that time I had first powder days in season. I got familiar with skiing on higher attitudes and figure out that I am rookie on this terrain. First thoughts were: “I need to get in better shape for winter.”


Unfortunately or luckily December was totally dry and without snow. I was off work at that time so I used time to prepare myself for proper winter. I did a lot of skiing on slopes, cross country skiing, running and fitness exercises to prevent injuries and to bi able to ski more when snow comes.


In January we been still waiting for snow… but then it came in big style. I was skiing powder from then on.


Because I was working at that time I was skiing just for extended weekends, but I am still grateful for all great conditions mother Nature gave me in these days.


I figure out that finding company in Austria for skiing is not an easy job, so tx to everybody who accepted me to ski with them in that way my skiing was more safe and more fun as well. Tx to Dejan and Blaž who accompanied me for a few days as well.

With nice memories I am already waiting for next season with hope for better winter in Alps. And now is time for summer sports to start…


See ya!