Survived rocky weekend at the seaside (video)


Last weekend I was racing in the international class 1 downhill race on the Lošinj island. There were riders from all around Europe, which made this competition really strong.

I knew that, this DH track is 90% rocks and 10% of other surface. But until you try riding it, you don’t know how brutal it is. There in no space for mistakes. If you make it, you will probably hurt yourself.


Everything started on Friday, first we made an on foot inspection, talking about lines and speed for jumps. Then it was time to go try it out with our bikes, for a real test. After 5 runs I still didn’t have a good feeling. Every run was different, I never hit the same line twice.

Saturday started out different. The first training run already went better, I felt pretty good on the bike, riding lines as I had imagined. I had one crash, but nothing serious. After 4 training runs came the time for video analysis from the helmet camera and a dinner with my mates.


 It was race day, Sunday. The track was a bit slippery because it was raining that night, but the sun dried it up until semifinals. The semifinal run only decided the start list for finals, so I rode safely and finished on 17th in the elite category, which was not bad, only 3 Slovenian riders finished before me.


Time for finals! Before the race started I decided to attack as much as I can and risk a lot for a good result. I am not able to ride finals in a safe zone, and I also do not want to ride them like that.

The first part was insane, no mistakes, flying down the track. In the middle part I made one small mistake, lost less than a second, otherwise it was perfect. And then came the last part of the track, much easier than the first two. Concentration dropped just a bit and it was enough for a front wash and crash. Luckily on soil. I finished 44th with big disappointment. If I would not crash, I…. ahh, there is no IF in sports.


However, I had a great time with my friends. I would like to say thanks to Unior Tools Team and ŠKTD Avče for support and an amazing weekend. I will be back next year for sure, because it is so awesome to ride downhill there and finish right at the sea.

Looking forward to Slovenian cup at Avče on 27th of April, you are all welcome!